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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday, August 25th proved to be a picture-perfect day for a stone skipping event in Franklin! With temperatures in the low 80s and plenty of sunshine, several hundred folks turned out to watch what has become the nation’s premiere competitive stone skipping event, with perhaps the exception of Mackinac Island. This event continues to grow with each successive year, and this year saw participants arriving from no fewer than five states and Canada. New to this year’s event was competitor Melissa McLaughlin, who made the trip all the way from Boston, Massachusetts with her sister Hillary and friend Ian. While not quite good enough to put her in the top five, Melissa’s high score of 32 was an accomplishment to be proud of, and probably the best score ever at the event by a woman.

The 2012 field of pro competitors turned out to be the largest ever in the history of the event and included 41 rookie and veteran pro skippers. The prerequisite to enter the pro division is to have thrown a minimum of 20 skips at some point in the amateur division. Competition is as heated as ever, with at least a dozen very capable shooters who are fully intent on taking away the crown from Kurt Steiner, the 2011 winner, or Franklin’s own Russ Byars, who has held the title more than any other skipper.

Paul Fero of Big Indian, New York, came out swinging in round one, as did Greg Winger of Franklin, both with scores of 30. But Russ Byars answered immediately in Round Two with a solid 39, knocking out Winger’s 35 and another 35 thrown by Dave Ohmer of Titusville. But Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner vindicated his lowly Round One score of 5 with a crowd-pleasing 40, beating Byars by just one skip. Round Three provided a weak showing from everyone except Eric Henne of Ithaca, NY. Eric has proven his meddle in this competition, having placed Second in last year’s event. Rounds Four and Five resulted in failed attempts by the heavy hitters to take on Steiner’s 40, but Round Six, the final round, quickly got hot, as both Eric Henne and Paul Fero came through with skips of 40. Byars lost his groove and only scored a 1 for the final round.

So with a three-way tie based on scores of 40, the judges dropped down to each competitor’s second-best score, which resulted in first place going to Kurt Steiner with scores of 40 and 39; Eric Henne with 40 and 37; and Paul Fero with 40 and 32. Byars settled into Fourth Place with his high score of 39.

Final Scores:

Youth - Jared Oliver, 27; Alex Ferry, 23; Eric Elwell, 20

Amateur - Jeff Minnick, 30; Glenn Zorich, 29/27; Jill Takach, 29/22

Professional - Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner, 40/39; Eric Henne, 40/37; Paul Fero, 40/32

The Rock In River Festival is the newest Franklin festival, overlooking the confluence of French Creek and the Allegheny River. This festival includes kids games, rock decorating contest, chicken barbecue, and the fun of watching amateurs and professionals (including reigning World Champion and Guinness World Record holder Russ Byars, and  former Guinness World Record Holder Kurt Steiner) compete for the state championship of skipping stones across the water. Kayak demonstration was provided by OARS. Click here for directions to Riverfront Park.

Our competition is sanctioned by the Mackinac Island Stone Skipping and Gerplunking Club, who operate the nationals in Michigan each July 4. The Pennsylvania winner is entitled to compete in the prestigious "Pro Category" at Mackinac the following Independence Day.  A very elite group of professionals from around the world gather on Windermere Beach, a stone-covered beach on Lake Michigan beside ferry boat docks which connect Mackinac Island to Mackinaw City on the mainland.

Officiating the PA Qualifying Stone Skipping Tournament is High Commissioner Brian Barnett of Franklin and his team of judges.  Contestants are asked to submit a small donation ($5 a person amateur, 12 and under $1, pros $10), and although the event is a "bring your own stones" tournament, exotic skipping stones from various parts of western Pennsylvania are usually available for contestants for an additional small donation.

Registration for the competition begins at 11:00; amateur competition starts at 1:00, and the Allegheny Chukker Challenge (pro & celebrity category) takes place at 3:00 p.m.  In keeping with tradition, the winner will receive locally-produced fudge. Click here to go to the Franklin site for the Registration Form for all competitors and the official rules.

Mark your calendars for the next Rock In River Festival, Saturday, August 24, 2013.


Attention all press: high-resolution photos and info available here.


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News in the World of Stone Skipping




Byars Claims 6th World Championship Win

True to form, Byars outskips "Mussels" Callewaert with a clean 30. A perennial island favorite, Callewaert made yet another noble attempt to bring the title back to Mackinac with a 26. Underdog and crowd favorite Glenn "Hard Luck" Loy made an impressive showing this year, pulling in third place with a toss of 22. 


Byars Claims 5th World Championship Win

Russ Byars edged out with a 28 over Todd "Mussels" Callewaert and Nate "Dogg" Rango, both tossing a best of 26, at the 40th Mackinac Invitational.


Byars Holds Pennsylvania Title

Russ Byars rolls over Eric Drusko with a 35 over Drusko's 30 at the 2008 Pennsylvania Qualifying Tournament. See the final results here.


Byars Becomes 4-time World Champ

With a top toss of 25, Russ Byars takes out Glenn "Hard Luck" Loy to take the lead and win the '08 Mackinac Invitational for the second straight year, continuing his reign as the top skipper in the sport.



Byars Sets New World Record

Byars' July 19, 2007 skip goes into the Guinness World Record book at an amazing 51 skips, beating Emporium's Kurt Steiner. Get all the details, including video footage at ProStoneskipping.Com.



National Public Radio Covers 2007 Event

WPSU covered the 2007 Franklin event and put together this little news piece.



Byars Shatters Mackinac Record

Franklin's own Russ Byars steamrolled his way onto Mackinac Island to regain his title as the top skipper in the world. "Rock Bottom" Byars not only regained his title at Mackinac, but set a new all-time record for the venue. Guinness world-record holder Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner followed closely behind with his own Mackinac first of 30 skips, putting Pennsylvania in the top two positions. 

Full story with photo gallery



Byars Returns to Top Spot

There was some question as to whether or not "Mountain Man" Steiner would return to compete this year after injuring his arm in a mountain bike crash. But he did return, and proved himself a capable contender, with a best throw of 36 skips. But Byars edged him out with a best of 38, to take the trophy.



Franklinite Russ Byars Takes the Win for PA

On Saturday, August 23, 2003, Franklin's own Russell Byars successfully secured the current PA title by narrowly outskipping Kurt Steiner with a high smut of 28. He is now qualified to represent Pennsylvania at the Mackinac Nationals on July 4, 2004.



Byars Goes On to Claim National Championship

On July 4th, 2004, Russ went to Mackinac and picked up the national title. Conditions were brutal, with bone-chilling cold and rain throughout the competition. Lake Huron was whipped into a frenzy while the top skippers in the U.S. duked it out for the title. See pictures from the event here.



Byars Repeats Performance to Maintain PA Title

Russ continues his streak by claiming the 2004 title at the Riverfront Park event, by casting an outstanding 35 skips. Could Russ be the Tiger Woods of stone skipping?



2005 - Byars Is Unstoppable!

In an event jam-packed with some of the highest scores in Mackinac history, Russ pulls ahead of the pack in the final round with a record-breaking 30 skips at the Wilmer T. Rabe Memorial Mackinac Invitational on July 4th, 2005, to win his second consecutive world championship. Could Russ be the Lance Armstrong of stone skipping?



Byars To Be Cast In Independent Film

Russ Byars has been booked to provide stone skipping expertise and act as a stunt double for Guns & Butter Entertainment, LLC, in their feature-length film The Book of Caleb, to be filmed around the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Filming is expected to begin this October.



Steiner Wins it Back!

In a dramatic battle for the top spot, Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner, current Guinness World Record holder, came through in the clutch and ended the reign of Franklin's own Russ "Rock Bottom" Byars.  He is now qualified to represent Pennsylvania at the Mackinac Nationals on July 4, 2006.

"Let he who is without frisbee cast the first stone!"


Left to right: Jon Paden, Marie Veon, Brian Barnett, Michael Forrtnger, Russ "Rock Bottom" Byars, Kurt "Mountain Man" Steiner

Left to right: Brian Barnett, Charles Hatfield, Aaron McCracken, Mike Taylor

Left to right: Braden MacBeth, Hannah Shaffer, Ian "Bo" Jones In back: Brian Barnett


Left: State Representative Scott Hutchinson is given an eye test by staff optometrist Dr. Resler "for the safety and well-being of all his constituents."


See the Stone Skipping Glossary!

Many thanks to the following volunteers from last year's event, without whom this event would not be possible:

Ronnie Beith

Brian Barnett

Margo Mong

Mike Henderson

Tambra Warner-Sabatini

John McConnell

Chris Latchaw

Melanie Latchaw

Franklin Fire Department

John Dietrich

Cliff & Penny Minnick

Jon Paden

Patrick Pelletier

Marilyn Black

Marie Veon

Randy Seitz

Lee Mehlberger

Jeff Corbett


This photo from the 2003 event shows Staff Optometrist Dr. Edward Resler testing his eyechart with the Mermaid of the Allegheny. Dr. Resler was on-hand to assure perfect vision throughout the event.


For more information, contact Mike or Ronnie


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