Kurt Steiner Officially

Guinness World Record Holder!

Steiner (center) at the 2003 Mackinac Awards & Press Banquet, being congratulated for his efforts by High Commissioner Paul Toepp (left), and Len Trentina (right), Director of the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau.
On September 14, 2002, Kurt Steiner of Emporium, PA, took first place at the Pennsylvania Qualifying Stone Skipping Tournament in Franklin. Not only did he outskip all other competitors, but no one had previously seen a skip in competition with such an amazingly high count. The rapid-fire pitty-pats resulting from the cast made counting very difficult, but the judges settled on an official count for the day's competition of 34, which sealed a first-place finish for Steiner for the 2002 competition.* With video cameras present that day, officials felt it might be worthwhile to review the video footage, since the skip very well may have set a new world record. Upon review, it was determined that the skip had far exceeded 34, and was worthy of submission to the Guinness World Record committee for authentication. It has taken over a year, but the Guinness officials have declared Kurt's skip a new world record, with a count of 40!

Steiner (left) receiving Guinness Book of World Records from Marilyn Black of Oil Heritage Region, Inc. during press banquet at Boston Garden in Franklin, August 27, 2004.

See the Video!

See the video from the perspective of two different cameras. Each clip is a somewhat large file, so give it time to load. All clips are .avi format.

Camera 1 (3.7 mb)

Camera 2 (5 mb)

Camera 2 Slow Motion (5 mb)


Video courtesy Video Veritas and DVI

Actual frame from video clip

Steiner selecting the perfect stone


Warming up for the world-record skip

* The officials' original count of 34 will stand for the record of the PQSS competition, because video replays are not permitted within MISS&G sanction rules.