Stone Skipping Glossary


Agnew A stone that hits a person.
Chuk Act of throwing stone intended to skip.
Chukker Composite of 6-stone set.
Clear the Bucket Shoot the last stone of a 6-stone set.
Cresting Out Rock hits wave top and takes high angle course with slight rebound.  Not a Plonk.
Ducks & Drakes British phrase for stone skipping.
Gerplunking Children's form of stone skipping.  Dropping rock into water with resulting sound: "gerplunk."   Also spelled kerplunking.  The final sinking plop.
M.I.S.S. & G.C. Mackinac Island Stone Skipping & Gerplunking Club.
Pitty-Pat Short skips at end of run with light water showing between.
Plink A clean-cut skip, usually at head of a run; heavy water shows between hops.
Plonk A stone that sinks on first hit of run.
Plonk Out The act of throwing a plonk.
Run A single stone skip sequence, generally composed of pitty-pats and plinkers.
Skronker A stone that never hits water or hits anything.  It happens!
Smut Danish word for stone skip.